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Iโ€™m Phoebe - a data-driven and grassroots-oriented organizer and marketer. I am seeking a role in the intersection of digital systems and progressive organizing.

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"It sounds like we have a lot to talk about." ANDY COHEN

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The Big Question

How can progressive campaigns and organizations harness the power of digital & growth marketing, and translate that power into fruitful, diverse organizing strategies and volunteers?

My Working Answer

I believe in the power of technology to connect and amplify voices and communities, and the ability to form vibrant, diverse coalitions of people and cultures. This optimistic belief does not come without its challenges, and those challenges are the crux of my work.

While my career has empowered me with the tools to connect, organize, and mobilize, I also realize the urgent need to address structural inequities that demand systemic, progressive, and political solutions. I collaborate with organizations to utilize proven digital systems & outreach strategies strategiesโ€“paid social, email programming, optimized and accessible websitesโ€”in service of recruiting, activating, and retaining diverse, aligned communities of activists and volunteers.

I ground my work in two major tenants:

+ Build accessible digital systems, to lower the barrier of entry for all community members. This includes recruitment strategies, copy, design, and thoughtful digital programming.

+ All digital systems level up into long-term volunteer action. Digital systems cannot exist without a community-driven, concerted volunteer action.

Ultimately, I hope to build mobilized groups of activists across the country to vote in officials who embody progressive ideals, and hold those officials accountable. I am excited to build and activate intersectional communities to fight for a world that works for the many, not for the few.