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I’m Phoebe - a data-driven and grassroots-oriented organizer and marketer. I am seeking a role in the intersection of digital systems and progressive organizing.

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7 For All Mankind

An iconic and coveted brand, born from the early-2000s craving for premium denim, and pushed into stardom by the likes of Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Fergie, 7 For All Mankind underwent a rebirth in 2017 and onward. As the Graphic Designer, I executed the new brand vision through all direct-to-consumer assets, collaborating cross-functionally to answer the why to all digital-related design questions.


Competitive Marketplace

Mother Denim
Rag & Bone
Paige Denim
AG Jeans
Frame Denim

Digital Touchpoints

Digital advertising
E-commerce platform

Opportunity 1: Email

The problem — 
The e-mail program was in major need of a revamp. 7FAM’s new brand and visual positioning put itself in direct competition with digitally-native, millennial-focused brands; the aesthetic in email marketing, they key direct-to-consumer touchpoint for the brand, needed an overhaul. 

The more outstanding problem, however, was the strategy behind the program. When I came on, the team leaned into a “batch and blast” mentality, with no customer segmentation, and no thought behind what we marketed and why. I built a comprehensive template database to solve that problem.

Solution 1 — Elevated Aesthetic

The first problem to tackle was the look and feel of the email program. Leaning into bold typography, a simple black and white color palette, with pops of color sparingly and when needed. We drew inspiration from the competitive marketplace to update the layouts and lean into storytelling and rich content. 

Solution 2 — Content Strategy

The more pressing issue was to move away from the “batch and blast” mentality, and to give intention behind each e-mail sent out. What are we talking about, and why should our customers care? The program broke out into the following categories, with templates to support brand messaging: 1) Storytelling & Collections; 2) Product Specifics; 3) Product Catch-Alls; 4) Promotions & Sale Events.

Outcome: A Revamped Email Program

Template Bucket 1 —
Storytelling & Collections

Leaning into 7FAM’s lifestyle photography, this assortment of templates builds stories behind product, messaging, and collections, empowering the customer to see themselves in the products marketed.

Product Focus
Collections & Categories
Creative Story

Template Bucket 2 —
Product Specifics

A barrier to entry for 7FAM is the price point — the products are priced as premium. By offering templates to break down notable pieces, we offer a value proposition to the higher price tag.

Fabric Breakdown
Fits Rundown
Product Introduction
Get the Look

Template Bucket 3—
Product Catch-Alls

7FAM’s assortment is vast and varied — the email program called for templates that speak to the number of products, enabling customers who may not see their product on the homepage to understand that there is something for everyone in the assortment.

New Arrivals
New Markdowns
Best Sellers

Template Bucket 4 —
Promotions & Sale Events

Finally, promotions and sale events are a key way  to not only move product, but to introduce new customers to the brand at a lower price point. Sales can get stale quickly — in addition to concepts for each sale event, we built out a variety of e-mail templates to keep the content fresh and the product top of mind.

Promotion & Product Imagery
$99 Denim