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Hi there!
I sit at the intersection of digital strategy and marketing, with a passion for electoral organizing. I work to amplify and connect the voices of brands, communities, and progressive organizations and volunteers across digital platforms.
TLDR; I work to make meaningful impact.

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    Everytable ︎
    7 For All Mankind ︎
    max-bone ︎
    Swing Left ︎
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+ Contract Marketing Analyst at BRANDOG Digital
+ Regional Organizing Coordinator at Swing Left
+ Freelance digital marketer
+ Available for freelance projects & collaborations


Digital and marketing partnerships centered around community-driven & progressive brands, organizations, candidates, and experiences.
Also very dog-friendly.


+ Freelance Product Designer at Heat Waves

+ Branded, executed, and strategized the visual and marketing identity at Everytable

+ Owned the concepting, production, and strategy of all digital assets, including the large-scale email marketing, at 7 For All Mankind

+ Freelance positioning, branding, and design for various DTC and e-commerce brands