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I sit at the intersection of digital strategy and marketing, with a passion for electoral organizing. I work to amplify and connect the voices of brands, communities, and progressive organizations and volunteers across digital platforms.
TLDR; I work to make meaningful impact.

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max-bone is a luxury label for the sophisticated dog lover. As the Site & Creative Coordinator, I was brought on to unify the brand, synthesizing messaging and aesthetic across platforms. Influenced by Scandanavian sensibility and motivated by the need for functional products, the updated max-bone branding is an elegant simplicity — straightforward typography, light & bright imagery, inspired by timeless beauty and fashion brands. The goal: to build the bridge between your personal style and your dog’s. We pulled inspiration from the human world around us, setting max-bone apart from any other dog label.


Competitive Marketplace

Wild One Pets
Good Boy Collective
Mia Cara

Brand Touchpoints

Retail & product

I. Messaging

The problem — 
The brand’s products and retail experience were excellent. However, the intention and messaging behind max-bone was ill-defined and communicated at consumer touchpoints. How is max-bone different, and why should I become a loyal follower?

Solution 1 — Brand positioning & value proposition

As a defining mantra for the upcoming redesign and repositioning, we worked to articulate max-bone’s position as a brand and in the marketplace, ultimately defining the company’s value proposition to the dog lover. 

Welcome to max-bone. With uncomplicated and seasonless collections, our mission is to provide your family with pieces that are timeless and sophisticated. Simply, max-bone is designed for your dog with you in mind.

Solution 2 — Content Strategy

Capitalizing on my knowledge of digitally-native brands, I identified key consumer touchpoints through which to communicate brand and product value. I built out an email program, curated social, designed and wrote PR books, and more, to amplify key pillars of max-bone’s brand: Sophisticated perspective, elegant products, and a deep love for your pets.

Copy samples, email

Brand mission messaging
Product-focused messaging — giving your dog’s clothes as much personality as they have
Brand reminder — fundamentally, we appreciate you and your pet
Product-focused messaging — a sophisticated and worldly outlook

II. Branding

The problem—
max-bone’s products reflect the timeless sensibility that the brand preaches. I worked to elevate the brand identity, matching the sophistication of the goods.

Solution 1 — Photography

I provided style guides, swipe, and moodboards to move away from their lackluster product and lifestyle photography. Encouraging warmer colors and softer filters across the board, I drew inspiration for dog-focused photography from effortless human photography. I then approached product photography as an exhibit, putting the products on an artistic pedestal.

Product Photography

Lifestyle Photography

Solution 2 — E-commerce

The low-hanging fruit for e-commerce updates were twofold. First, I worked through an overhaul of the packaging, designing elements to unify the branding as soon as the customer receives their package in the mail.

Second, I worked on a more product-centric marketing challenge: digital trigger emails. Customers are delighted by the customer service in-store; I worked to maintain that same level of transparency, communciation, and unified aesthetic for e-comm as well. Thus, I overhauled the trigger emails associated with a customer’s account, cart, and order, to simplify all necessary information and maintain max-bone’s branding.


Trigger Emails

Solution 2 — Product Packaging

In addition to apparel, max-bone carries dog and cat toiletry products. I applied the newfound max-bone aesthetic, and designed custom labels for a variety of products. Inspired by the likes of Aesop and Necessaire, the toiletry products have a serious air about them, slightly medicinal, but an elegant and elevated look for a person’s bathroom