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I sit at the intersection of digital, brand, and strategy, with a flair for design. I work to amplify and connect the voices of brands, communities, and progressive organizations through digital marketing strategies and meaningful branding.
TLDR; I work to make meaningful impact.

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Canndescent made the industry accessible — Goodbrands rides the same wave of a human-centric approach to the plant and indsutry. With a lower price point and different brand DNA, the target audience is radically different from the affluent demographics of Canndescent. Goodbrands targets the later millennial consumer, who has some disposable income, and who takes great pride in the brands they align with. Thus, Goodbrand is accessible, simple, down-to-earth, and “just good weed.”


Competitive Marketplace

Pure Beauty
Paradiso Gardens
Old Pal
Sunday Goods

Goodbrands is inspired by the aesthetic and messaging of digitally-native brands such as Allbirds, Casper, and Everlane — speaking clearly, transparently, and with wit to consumers about the simple and accessible product. Colors are bright, photography is lighthearted, copy is quippy and casual, and the brand leans into illustrations. Remember, Goodbrands is “just good weed.”

Brand Touchpoints

Brand Identity
Experiential & Events

I. Brand Identity

The problem — 
Goodbrands is a new brand — we went through an explorative and iterative process to work through its identity. What is the color palette? What are the fonts? What is a web mock, a social mock, an email mock? What is the tone of voice and fundamental spirit of the brand?

Solution 1 — Brand Book, Explorations

This initial exploration allowed us to work through typographic hierarchies, pull swipe, and mock up the digital look & feel for the brand — we took this initial version and iterated to land on the final brand identity.

Solution 2 — Web Designs

As the Digital Designer, I designed and executed on the web designs for digital, including a thorough style guide, desktop view, and mobile view. Besides the synthesizing of the brand identity into a digital direction, I worked closely with the Product Manager, Copywriter, Art Director, and CMO to strategize around content, brand pillars, and copy. What are the brand’s values, and why should customers be motivated to find a store near them?

Style guide, desktop

Style guide, mobile